Agile Networks’ - Mirror Backups

We were so tired of bad backup hardware and software. Why doesn’t it just do the backups like we need. Something with a few routines to backup the important stuff first and the less important files during off hours. Why are these easy things getting worse?

What we found though - is that backup system aren’t really getting worse. They’re getting better - just not for Architecture firms. If you’re a law firm or anything simple - backup systems are kind of amazing. But if you’re an Architecture firm with massive files, and say have a REVIT server with massive network usage and connections, these systems don’t work as advertised.

So we gave up looking for a system,

and built our own.

For the past 2 years - each new client gets an Agile Mirror box for the first 90 days. It started out because we wanted to clone the entire network while starting with new clients. This gave us the ability to fix issues and know for certain that we 100% covered if anything goes awry.

Mirror-Black and Grey-600x200.png

Fast forward to today - and we add this as our standard backup system which vastly outperforms and costs half as much as what we were using. What started out as a bespoke disaster recovery tool, has now turned into an anti-ransomware bunker, migration and upgrade daemon as well as a proxy cloud migration ferry.

Our system creates a cloud system that activates in disaster instances - but also can instead be taken live. This means your firm is basically already migrated fully to the cloud when your ready to make the leap.


Mirror Backup System

The only Disaster Readiness system focused on AEC.

Local and cloud backups all in one.

Completely modular to fit your data and budgetary needs.

Host your entire network on our Disaster Readiness system.