70 staff, 7 days without internet - then 1 phone call

Agile's latest transition of a 70 person Architecture was a piece of cake.  The people are wonderful, they invest in the right hardware and software, they understood our support process right off the bat (including our intra-triage system of shifting priorities as needed).  We couldn't have asked for a better experience with a new client.  As for the IT firm that we were replacing - that's another story.


While Agile was busy cataloging systems info, gaining admin control and preparing the staff for the cut-over - disaster struck, the internet went down.  Well - it mostly went down.  See - they had a backup line that was very slow at 5 megs that was only used for their phone traffic, and that was handling the entire traffic for the firm now - just nobody knew this.

The previous firm spent the next week sending technicians to review the issue, appliances were rebooted, the ISP was called and then there were the meetings, the endless meetings.  Over the course of the next week, with the internet still limping along, this IT firm requested no less than 8 meetings to review the situation.  In their last meeting, with the business owner, account reps and various technicians on the line - they finally conceded to providing Agile with the firewall credentials, said "YOU FIGURE IT OUT" and cut us from the call.

Now day 7 of the outage - after 1 hour of being able to dig around the firewall and then 1 phone call to the ISP, the line was up and folks could work again.  

Over the next 90 days - Agile transformed this clients IT process from one of meetings and support queues, to that of a seamless IT partnership process. We're way past break/fix - we're creating efficiency beasts.


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