Is your REVIT system Toast?

Every new firm we take on - all have the same issues lately. Their programs are running terribly slow and they just can’t seem to figure out what the magic solution is. Firms seek advice from Software vendors, BIM specialists, Hardware manufacturers and yet they aren’t seeing the performance for which they are paying.

One firm spent a hefty $5,000 per workstation with the collective advice of Vendors. The outcome was that these new machines were running slower than the travel laptop for Revit. They were almost well built machine - but they skimped on the 1 essential bit - the CPU.

Below are the specifications for our recommended mid-level workstation. This system has the CPU to boost to 4.5 ghz ( techie for fast ) with 8 cores that’ll create your nice curved buildings. Specs below come in under $3,000 - with lots of wiggle room to drop it a few hundred dollars.

HP G4 and mini pics 6b.png

Skimp on the RAM or Video card - you can always pop in a faster one. Save on the hard drive and force staff to save files only on the server. Nobody really saves their music library anymore - save one guy, I’m talking to you Brendon.

We recommend using this workhorse for 2 years as currently spec’d - then trickle down to Project Managers for another 3 years, and then to admin services for at least another 5 years of dutiful service.

Need more - drop us a line or come to one of our monthly - Tech it out reviews.