There's nothing wrong with being festive, but

...there's still work to do before New Years.



It's the holidays and folks are trying to both finish their end of year projects as well as get to the holiday parties.  With it finally snowing, Star Wars back in the theaters, all the outdoor markets, cards to be bought - signed and sent; there're so many distractions that firms miss a few critical things.

So here's your IT Holiday Shopping list

to stay on your Principals 'Nice List"

  • End of Year - Server Backup (some links to sites)
  • Software Licenses
    • Collect all software licenses and renewal dates for 2018
    • Discounts available for early renewal (if you have the budget)
  • Hardware
    • Add RAM, Video Card and/or SSD upgrades
    • Prepare Q1, Q2 Workstation swap or trickle down strategy
    • Replace Wi-Fi if older than 4 years 
  • Create and/or review an emergency policy
  • Have a great time off - you've done your job

Let the countdown to 2018 now commence without further interruption - 9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2.....1 Last Thing!!!!!


No it's not to run out to get this awesome suit.



-  EVENT  - 

New Years IT Resolution Bootcamp

January 10th - 6pm-9pm @ Agile Networks

60 minute sessions to get your system in shape for 2018.  We're your IT Fiteness Trainer - and we'll show you our toolbox and practices to make your system nice - your Studio Manager won't even recognize it.

QA followup and mentorship provided (wine and snacks too).

Firm Office Managers, Technical Liaisons and Internal IT welcome.