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AEC hardware is very complex - and applications run differently based on the system components and how they're networked.

Revit needs higher CPU speeds, Adobe eats up Ram, Rhino needs a good video card - but there's an art to putting the right system together for your Software Stack you firm uses.   


cloud systems

How do you get what's out there -  connected to all the stuff in here - but fast and secure?   That's cloud systems.

For Architecture firms - sharing massive files, collaborating with dozens of consultants and still having a functional workstation - more considerations and expertise are needed when deploying a cloud solution.



Not sure exactly what you need or what vendors are trying to implement - let us help translate.

Whether your looking to implement a new website, ISP, software or myriad of solutions - we'll help navigate the tech and assist with liaising implementation.



Years ahead on providing clients with tech trends and effective applications - we know what it going to be tech for the sake of tech - and what will actually help your business.


Take your IT to the next level with a firm focused on Architects.